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The 5 Top D-ID Alternatives (In-Depth Review)

by Oliver Goodwin | November 14, 2023

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With the introduction of AI-powered video generators, the video production industry has significantly transformed in recent years. Imagine the lengths people went to make a single video production—the money, time, and effort—and then immediately appreciate AI-powered video generators more.

One of the most popular AI video generators that use AI avatars is D-ID. D-ID has become so popular thanks to its high-quality avatars and very strict privacy policies. But this doesn’t mean it is the only worthy solution out there.

Keep reading to discover the best 5 D-ID alternatives and how they compare to each other.

What is D-ID?


D-ID is a feature-rich video creation software that has been around for a while. Numerous advantages are offered to users by it, including the protection of their digital identities and the creation of high-quality videos with lifelike avatars that conflate virtual and real worlds. D-ID is a good choice for those who create virtual content and don’t want to break the bank.

Pros of D-ID

  1. Sophistication: This is perhaps one of the best benefits of using D-ID technology to protect against data breaches and invasive facial recognition algorithms.
    This technology employs sophisticated algorithms to represent and display images and videos, rendering them entirely unrecognizable for facial recognition systems, consequently preserving digital confidentiality.
  2. User-Friendly: This software user interface was designed with simplicity as one of the top priorities, making it easy for anyone who places more significance on their digital confidentiality.
  3. Integration Compatibility: There are few good use cases for software if it cannot be easily adapted for many applications. Social media platforms, video conferencing software, and many other tools individuals and businesses use can easily integrate with D-ID technology. This kind of flexibility has rendered D-ID a worthy choice for businesses and individuals who make data privacy one of their main goals.
  4. Real-Time Privacy: This technology was built to operate in real-time, therefore protecting users’ data at all times. It is a proactive defense against potential threats to an individual’s digital privacy.

Cons of D-ID

  1. Cost: The cost of D-ID is one of its potential drawbacks. While this software solution provides the expected level of digital privacy protection in real-time, it may be too costly for some individuals, startups, and small businesses still looking to find their footing.
  2. Limited scope: D-ID is considerably limited in scope, and that is because it has been designed to focus on visual content. It does not address other data privacy aspects like metadata or text. Therefore, individuals and businesses looking for a gross data privacy layer must complement D-ID with other equally proficient tools.
  3. Algorithm Limitation: D-ID is indeed massively sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean the algorithms are impregnable by cyberattacks. There must always be a sense of security to ensure everything runs smoothly and perfectly. Cybercriminals work day and night to feed off technologies, so you must be proactive.


This video generation software solution offers four plans aside from the free trial, which aims to give new users a taste of the technology.

  • Lite plan: It costs a minimum of $5.6 monthly, and you can generate 10 minutes of video. It also comes with no financial license and is suitable for individual digital content creators.
  • Pro plan: It costs a minimum of $29 monthly, and you can generate 15 minutes of video. Things start to get interesting with this plan because it has some perks like a commercial license, watermark, and many others.
  • Advanced plan: This costs $196 monthly and is suitable for medium-sized businesses. The perks of this plan are enticing and great for any project.
  • Enterprise: This is one for big corporations. It is a flexible plan that offers as much as users want, depending on how much they can pay.

5 Top D-ID Alternatives Compared

1. (Us)


Are you seeking the most authentic and sophisticated D-ID alternative for safeguarding digital confidentiality? Look no further than, the undisputed front-runner in the AI market.

What is is an AI video actor alternative to D-ID, providing various lifelike virtual actors with voice cloning technology. Users can alter the avatars to suit their needs, which makes it perfect for personalized content. offers a contemporary, user-friendly interface as icing on top of a library of over 300 voices in 140 languages, including more than 50 ultra-realistic voices capable of evoking emotions. Users can alter the voice settings to fit their needs by changing the tempo, pitch, emphasis, and pauses.

The platform offers an extensive library of computerized people (Humatars) to suit various niches and use cases. Businesses and individuals can effectively reach a worldwide audience thanks to’s simplicity and support for multiple languages. has a distinct advantage over other competitors in the AI video actor market: its sophisticated voice cloning and many avatars.

How Does It Work? allows you to add a face to your written text in minutes without prior editing skills. The platform’s video generation involves two easy steps.

  1. Choose an actor: boasts 70+ Avatars and 300+ voices in 140 languages. You can look through these characters and choose the one that fits your video requirements.
  2. Present some script for the actor: After choosing your actor, it is time to present it with a script to work with. With Synthesys AI Studio, you can easily create or modify the script by using its AI writer. Then, you can also modify the AI avatar, its appearance, voice, background, and more, allowing you to edit your video content as needed.

Overview of Avatars

An AI avatar is a digital character that computer codes create and ultimately control. With great care, these digital characters mimic humans in how they interact with users, thanks to incorporated technologies like speech recognition and natural language processing. AI avatars are incredibly resourceful in several ways, including customer service, virtual help, e-learning, and many more, putting in a good shift to ensure great customized and interactive experiences.

Pros of

  • Authentic, human-like video content is virtually inseparable from videos with real actors, thereby preserving your digital confidentiality to the highest possible standard.
  • Ease-of-use for anyone, thanks to its clean, user-friendly interface. You do not have to be a computer guru to create your own realistic videos.
  •  Vast applications are available for individuals and businesses without worrying about privacy breaches.

Cons of

  •  Using can be relatively costly for small businesses, startups, and some individuals.
  • Unused minutes for a particular month are not carried over to the next.

Pricing Plans provides a free plan that may be used without attaching a payment method or creating an account. Based on additional features you might require for your project, the platform additionally provides three other plans:

  1. Basic plan: Unlike the free plan, which only offers 10 minutes of video every month, this plan offers 50 minutes. At $35 per month, it is affordable for individuals.
  2. Premium plan: Ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises, the premium plan offers 300 minutes of video every month. The monthly cost is $69 for it.
  3. Professional plan: With 1200 minutes of video every month, this package is the best available on It has a fixed monthly cost of $119. It is strongly advised that large businesses do this.

2. is a convincing, authentic video creator that enables users to create engaging content using virtual characters. These avatars possess great features that allow them to interact in a remarkable way. Imagine an avatar showing emotions and throwing gestures, just like humans. You’d get these cool things from using to generate avatars for your digital needs.

Even though boasts a relatively low library of just 25 avatars, they can still be leveraged to either generate impressive video content and digital representation or do a lot more. More impressively, users can fine-tune the generated avatars until the project needs are met. You may even choose to upload photos on the platform and create avatars.

Pros of

  • It has a massive library of templates to choose from for different needs
  • A relatively simplified interface that appeals to users in a professional way
  • There are over 130 different languages and 25 avatars to choose from
  • can effectively generate videos from PDF

Cons of

  • It takes a relatively more extended period to render video
  • Avatar realism is not the best and must be improved to provide stern competition to other generators

Pricing Plans, like, offers a free trial plan alongside three more plans you can choose from to suit your project.

  1. Basic plan: Unlike the free plan, which only offers 1 minute of audio every month, this plan offers up to 40 minutes per month at the cost of $1.93 per minute.
  2. Advanced plan: Ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises, the advanced plan offers up to 200 minutes of audio every month for $2.5 per minute.
  3. Custom plan: This is for large businesses, as the number of minutes is unlimited, and the price per minute is custom.

3. Synthesia


Synthesia is an excellent option for creating authentic digital videos with avatars that look and sound natural. This software solution can add micro gestures to avatars’ facial expressions, which means that you can make them nod, smirk, smile, and many more. Synthesia lets you choose from over 140 languages and 120+ stock avatars to generate authentic videos in minutes.

Synthesia pros

  •  A diverse database of stock actors
  • It takes relatively less time to generate lifelike videos
  • Over 120 languages of different voices and accents
  • Synthesia is transforming the content development process for corporations and creators with incredible time-saving benefits.
  • The Synthesia team provides frequent updates that improve the platform’s functionalities, user interface, and general performance.

Overview of Synthesia AI Avatars

Avatars are a big part of human-like video content generation. Synthesia has done a great job of providing a collection of over 120 avatars representing a wide range of styles and nationalities. These avatars appear ever more realistic, thanks to their ‘micro gesture’ technology.

Synthesia cons

  • It can be expensive for some users, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses.
  • While Synthesia’s virtual actors are incredibly realistic, the degree of customization offered to users might have some restrictions, such as very specific or distinctive character designs.

Pricing Plans

Synthesia offers a free trial plan alongside two other paid plans.

  1. Personal plan: This is the plan for individuals and businesses of small to medium size. The price stands at $22.5 per month.
  2. Enterprise plan: This is a plan for large businesses. It is highly flexible in price and features. You might want to speak with Synthesia’s representative to discuss terms.

4. Colossyan


This is an excellent option for users looking to take their project to the next level and also go global in the avatar generation field, thanks to the software technology’s support of multiple languages, making communicating with international audiences easier and, therefore, helping to break the language barrier.

The platform boasts a vast library of authentic avatars, which is well-maintained to forever provide avatar’s performances or quality, thanks to its continuous upkeep. Think of it as having more flexibility with customization. With every update, users can do more to achieve even greater production outcomes.

The upkeep is great for users, and it only brings more stability and explorable features that make high-quality visual content production achievable. You might want to ask if Colossyan is truly a real deal. Let us look at its benefits and drawbacks.

Overview of Colossyan AI Avatars

This AI-driven platform offers various talking avatars with remarkable facial expressions and hand gestures to ensure genuine communication.

Pros of Colossyan

  • It offers excellent multilingual support, making it possible for users to pass their message across language barriers in style.

  • It has real videos with appropriate subtitles and automatic translation, which is terrific in some circumstances. Already, you can see that Colossyan boasts some really cool features
  • The avatars are excellent because they have hand motions and facial expressions that resemble those of people.

Cons of Colossyan

  • It takes a relatively long time to render a video
  • There are no pre-defined templates to work with

Pricing Plan

Besides the free trial that gets you started on the platform, Colossyan also offers three main pricing plans based on the required features for your project.

  1. Starter plan: This allows you to personalize a video for at least $28 monthly. It is perfect for individuals aiming to create simple videos.
  2. Pro Plan: Generate authentic videos for at least $96 per month. This plan is for individuals or small teams to create videos.
  3. Enterprise Plan: This is for large companies scaling video creation.

5. HeyGen


HeyGen is a D-ID substitute for AI video actors, formerly known as Movio. It is impressive in its own way and an impressive video creation software solution for content creators, individuals, small to medium-sized companies, and large corporations.

Overview of HeyGen AI Avatars

HeyGen boasts over 100 lifelike avatars you may use in your projects or even create a custom avatar. You may even make your own avatar from a photo.

Pros of HeyGen

  • There are over 100 realistic avatars to pick from
  • More than 300 different voices and 40 languages for your project
  • Generated video content can be downloaded in various formats
  • A screen recording option is available

Cons of HeyGen

  • The video quality is relatively below par
  • Users may encounter personalization and visual fidelity restrictions
  • There are 40 languages, which is a relatively small number.

Pricing Plan

HeyGen has three more plans on top of the free trial.

  1. Creator plan: This costs a minimum of $24 per month. It suits individuals more
  2. Business plan: This is a plan for individuals in a small team and businesses operating on a small to medium scale.
  3. Enterprise plan: This is best suited to large businesses and comes with a lot of perks. Contact HeyGen’s sales rep to learn more about this customized plan.

How does Synthesys compare to D-ID? is one of the industry leaders in creating realistic, high-quality virtual actors with multilingual support. is the go-to for most users, thanks to their trust in the production that comes from using the platform.

More so, Synthesys makes its mark in the realm of voice cloning. Its vast library of authentic avatars with interchangeable voices is well-respected globally and trusted for premium content. Synthesys excels in voice diversity and customized speech. You just cannot go wrong with

Final words

This article featured five D-ID alternatives, each with its strengths and weaknesses. But, should you be faced with the question of which one is the best from the list, is our pick. This video creation solution offers so much more than you can ever imagine. Put your trust in and have the best experience.

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