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Can You Monetize Youtube Videos with Text-to-Speech Al Voices?

by Oliver Goodwin | October 31, 2022

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can you monetise youtube videos with text to speech al voices

YouTube content creation has evolved over the past years, allowing for diverse content and giving clearance to as many existing methods as possible. One of these methods is the use of text-to-speech AI voices.

Deciding to incorporate AI voices in your YouTube videos comes with some rather specific reasons:

  • Lack of the required kind of voice or accent to convey your message.
  • Need for more efficient audio recording equipment and facility.
  • Language barrier.
  • Time and energy constraints.

Adding AI voices to your YouTube videos is easy, but the question is: can you monetize these videos? The short answer is yes. However, there are several factors and caveats that you must consider before coupling AI voices with your YouTube videos. If not done properly, you may violate one or more of Youtube’s monetization policies.

Therefore, you must successfully implement certain key strategies to monetize YouTube videos with text-to-speech. These strategies, which are covered in this post, will give validity to your videos and assist in driving your content engagement.

How to Create Youtube Videos With Text-to-Speech AI Voices

When stepping into a territory, you first consider its rules. In the same vein, monetization policies are the foremost factors you must consider before attempting to add AI voices to your Youtube videos. While YouTube does not have policies that oppose using AI voices in your videos, some of them hit so close that they put your content at risk of being invalidated if you are not careful. These policies include:

  • Autogenerated content that computers post without regard for quality or viewer experience.”
  • Posting the same content repeatedly across one or more channels.”
  • Content intended to look like someone else is posting it.”
  • Content that has been technically manipulated or doctored in a way that misleads users.”

What Youtube is saying, in essence, is that your videos must possess authenticity and consistency. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is important to satisfy the above demands by ensuring that the voices in your videos are authentic and consistent.

This often comes off as an insurmountable hurdle that text-to-speech content creators must jump; why? Because most AI voices sound robotic and devoid of human touch. This is what neural text-to-speech was introduced to correct, and our AI voice generator embodies it masterfully well.

With our AI voices, your YouTube videos sound humanlike. Not just that, you can have as many voice variations as you want if you operate different channels. Now, how do you create your YouTube videos with our AI voices? Follow the steps below:

Step One: Decide the aim of your video.

What you want your video to achieve serves as the template for everything else you will do. For example, do you want to market a product? Do you want to educate people? If so, what demographic of people is your target audience? Do you want to amuse your audience?

By determining the intention of your video, you make it easy to establish other elements, such as the content itself, creating a logo, your voice actors, the length of your video, etc.

Step Two: Create and polish your script.

Your script is the substrate upon which your AI voice acts; therefore, you must perfect it. Write it following your intention and proofread it to ensure there are no spelling errors.

Step Three: Convert your script to speech/video and upload on to Youtube.

This step is two-fold for either of two scenarios: where an existing video exists and when there is none. If you are starting from scratch and would rather go for a text-heavy option than go through the hassles of video production, you can opt for Synthesys AI video generator. This video generator lets you create YouTube content from your script in five easy steps. First, download your video files and upload them on YouTube.

If you have shot and produced your video, convert your script to audio files by following the procedure here. Upon downloading your audio files, add them to your video using any editing software and upload your video to YouTube.

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youtube logo on a laptop

How to Monetize Your YoutTube Videos With Text-to-Speech AI Voices

The relationship that exists between your YouTube revenue and your audience is a direct one. The higher the views your content attracts, the greater your remuneration, and AI voices have a way of positively influencing this condition. Further on, you will learn how you can leverage this, but you must first understand the YouTube monetization eligibility checklist:

Once you have satisfied all these criteria, you can now proceed to learn the different ways you can monetize your YouTube videos.

Five (5) Ways of Monetizing your YouTube Videos

  1. YouTube ads: earn between $2 and $12 per 1,000 ad views on your video. Familiarise yourself with YouTube advertiser-friendly guidelines.
  2. Affiliates: this is done by joining an affiliate marketing program, after which you redirect your viewers to an external product purchase page. You earn a commission on every successful purchase that your viewers make.
  3. Paid sponsorships: paid sponsorships are direct marketing. Here, businesses pay you to help them create expository video content about their products.
  4. YouTube Premium: this is what YouTube users get when they pay a subscription fee to watch ad-free content in the background, play music on YouTube Music uninterrupted, etc. How does this affect you? At the end of each month, YouTube shares revenue from subscription fees among creators. Your payment is based on how many premium members view your content.
  5. Lead generation: a lead is anyone who has, in some way, shown interest in a brand’s services or products. You can monetize your videos by generating leads for companies, brands, and businesses; how? Make these leads the target of your content and direct them towards the business that has paid for your services.

So, how do text-to-speech AI voices influence your growth? Through flexibility, time efficiency, and reach. You can meet audience demand inside strict schedules, use any speaking style you deem fit for your videos, and satisfy multiple audiences regardless of language.


Monetizing your YouTube Videos, Finally!

After you have been confirmed a member of the YPP, you can now proceed to monetize your channel. But how do you go about it? The procedure that YouTube has provided is easy, straightforward, and user-friendly. Follow the steps and see that you have met YouTube advertiser-friendly guidelines.


With nearly 2.6 billion users globally, Youtube ranks second among social media platforms with the most active users As of Q3 2022, Youtube’s global advertising revenue was valued at 7.07 billion US dollars. So how would you, a Youtube creator, tap into this? Content monetization.

Monetising your Youtube content can, however, take time owing to either audience demand or upscaling. In such situations, the solution is to deploy the most suitable assistive technology, which, in this case, is text-to-speech AI.

Most common AI voices lack the authenticity, consistency, and flexibility to withstand Youtube’s monetisation policies. To effectively manage this, Synthesys AI voices aim to counterbalance these deficiencies and make using text-to-speech in videos a worthwhile experience.

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