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How to Make a Corporate Video in Five Easy Steps

by Oliver Goodwin | January 19, 2024

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How to Make a Corporate Video in Five Easy Steps

In a world where every business is trying to outpace the other via digital advantages, your best bet as a business owner is a medium that offers the easiest consumption. You not only want your content to be consumed with ease but also be etched into the memories of your target audience and potential clients.

Creating video content has been statistically proven to enhance brand visibility and encourage customer retention. However, video content creation is an umbrella term that canopies several subcategories of video types, each with a specific range of business-related purposes.

In this blog post, we will focus on corporate videos. Whether this is your first time hearing about corporate videos or you have heard about them and want to learn more, this is for you. At the end of the post, you will have learned about:

  • what a corporate video is and its various types,
  • why you should use an AI studio like Synthesys to create your corporate videos and
  • how to create your corporate videos with Synthesys in five steps.

So sit tight and keep reading.

What is a Corporate Video?

what is a corporate video

Have you ever come across a training video that walks you through a workplace’s culture and values? Or a video where the CEO of an organization releases updates on the organization’s growth, plans, and fiscal year performances?

The two examples above typify what a corporate video is. In essence, a corporate video is a type of video content created by a business or organization to communicate information about itself, its products, services, or its overall brand. 

Videos under this category are tailored for a corporate audience, including employees, clients, investors, and other stakeholders. Corporate Video Examples include:

  • Promotional Videos
  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Employee Onboarding Videos
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Internal Communication Videos
  • Investor Relations Videos
  • Company Culture Videos
  • CEO Interviews
  • Social Proof Videos
  • Company Milestone Videos
  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Safety and Compliance Videos

Video marketing is certain to boost your organic traffic by 157%, improve your conversion rate by 80%, and boost your brand recall by 95%. What’s more, when you look around, the majority of internet users (91%, actually) prefer video content. To get ahead of your competition, you must fit into the spirit of the times by leveraging these statistics, and this involves utilizing many of the examples highlighted above.

Sounds insurmountable, right? You may be asking yourself, “How can I possibly do all these? Would the weight of such an amount of work and expenditure not crush me if I attempted it?” Well, you don’t have to do the work yourself, and there won’t be any weight by the time you have gotten to the end of this post. And this takes us to the next section.

Why You Should Use Synthesys To Make Your Corporate Videos

Synthesys Corporate videos

Fitting into the spirit of the times does not stop at embracing what your clients and potential customers want. It extends to deploying technology that will significantly enhance your productivity while dwarfing the strain on your effort and finances.

Imagine having to hire an actor, rent recording equipment, or visit the studio every time you want to create a corporate video. While this is possible, it is not sustainable, especially for SMEs. So, what are the sustainable alternatives available to you that will never compromise quality? In comes Synthesys Studio.

Read on to understand why you should opt for Synthesys Studio:

1. Cost-Efficiency and Time-Saving:

Synthesys Studio is an effective tool that significantly reduces production costs, providing an economical alternative to hiring actors and dealing with the logistical challenges of physical studios. This cost-cutting measure can be as high as 90%, making it an attractive solution, especially for businesses operating on constrained budgets. 

In addition to cost savings, the speed of video creation with Synthesys is a notable benefit. Crafting engaging corporate videos takes only one to five minutes, eliminating the lengthy steps of casting, coaching, and shooting associated with traditional methods.

2. Customisation and Consistency:

Synthesys Studio empowers you with a high level of customisation in crafting corporate videos. This allows for the creation of tailored content, including characters, scenes, and styles, ensuring that the videos align precisely with your brand image and messaging. 

The AI tool also guarantees consistency across videos, minimizing variations, and human errors that may occur in traditional video production.

3. Flexibility and Efficiency:

Flexibility and efficiency are paramount in corporate video production, and Synthesys excels in both aspects. The AI operates tirelessly, eliminating scheduling hiccups and facilitating an uninterrupted video production process. The 24/7 availability ensures that adjustments or edits can be made promptly, contributing to overall project efficiency.

4. Privacy and Security Assurance:

One of the key advantages of using Synthesys is the assurance of privacy and security. The absence of real individuals in the video creation process addresses concerns about sensitive content, making it a trustworthy choice for businesses dealing with proprietary information.

5. Scalability and Quality Control:

Synthesys Studio provides you with the flexibility to scale your video production efforts. With a library of 300 voices in 140 languages, you can reach diverse global audiences while maintaining consistent quality across your corporate video content.

6. Flexibility for Changes and Adjustments:

Synthesys stands out in its ability to accommodate changes even after the primary creation phase. Adjustments to the video script, AI character, looks, voice, background, and other elements can be made effortlessly, providing businesses with unparalleled flexibility throughout the video production journey.

7. Free Trial and Cost-Effective Plans:

Synthesys Studio understands the importance of exploration and cost-effectiveness. It offers you a free trial without the need for account creation or credit card details, allowing businesses to experience its capabilities firsthand. 

The pricing model is highly accessible, starting at just $495 per year, granting you access to a plethora of features that cater to the diverse needs of corporate video production.

How To Create Your Corporate Video Clips in Five Easy Steps Using Synthesys Studio

Now that you have decided to try Synthesys Studio AI video generator for your corporate videos, let us cut to the chase. All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

Step One: Create Your Synthesys Account

While you are allowed to enjoy the free trial, there are higher privileges (such as unlimited video generations and commercial licenses) that you can unlock with a paid version. Visit the Synthesys Pricing Options tab and click on your preferred plan to get started. Then, proceed to create your account and log in.

How to Make a Corporate Video Step One

Step Two: Begin Your New Corporate Video Project

Upon logging in, you are presented with a button that lets you create a new project. Click on it. This pops up a button card with several options that include “AI Humans”. Click on that.

How to Make a Corporate Video Step Two 2
How to Make a Corporate Video Step Two

Step Three: Choose a Corporate Video Template

Synthesys Studio allows you to pick your preferred template from a catalog of 29 templates, depending on your niche or industry. The good thing, however, is that there is also a blank canvas that lets you customize your corporate videos from scratch and finetune them to your taste.

How to Make a Corporate Video Step Three

Step Four: Select Your Humatar or Upload Your Image

After you have selected your preferred template (In this case, we are using the default template as an instance), choose, from the 84 AI avatars available to you, the one that you think best represents your brand. But guess what? Synthesys lets you upload your image and helps you generate a corporate video with it. Isn’t that cool? As the CEO of a company, you can upload your image and generate a high-quality company video.

How to Make a Corporate Video Step Four
How to Make a Corporate Video Step Four 2

The first image shows the humatar options from which you can pick. The second shows you the option to upload your image when you click on the indicated button.

Step Five: Enter Your Video Script and Adjust Your Video Editing Settings

Syntheys allows you to type in your script, copy from a source, or upload a PDF version of it. Once you have submitted your script, you can then go ahead and adjust your pre-production phase settings: sound effects, transitions, speed, pitch, language translations, etc.

How to Make a Corporate Video Step five

Step Six: Create Your Video

Now is the time to see the output of our journey so far. Click on the “Create Video” button, and wait for one to five minutes while Synthesys generates your corporate video for you. Save your video to your device. 

A Final Glance

Mastering the art of corporate video creation is crucial in a digitally competitive landscape. This guide, from defining corporate videos to exploring their myriad types, has demystified the complexities of video content production.

Opting for Synthesys Studio proves strategic, revolutionizing video creation. With cost-efficiency, time-saving prowess, customization, and unwavering consistency, Synthesys redefines corporate video production. It thrives in flexibility, ensuring efficiency, privacy, and scalability while accommodating changes effortlessly.

The platform’s free trial and accessible plans starting at $495 annually, democratize advanced AI video generation, empowering businesses of all sizes. Synthesys Studio is more than a tool; it’s a gateway to seamless, engaging corporate videos that resonate with your audience, solidifying your brand’s presence in the digital era.

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