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How to Grow Your Business Using Text-to-Image AI Generators

by Oliver Goodwin | October 23, 2022

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how to grow your business using text to image ai generators

A picture is worth way more than a thousand words if used intelligently! As a brand owner or a creative, images constitute a major part of the bedrock of the success of your business; how? Consumers want it; they love stories.

Research shows that 92 per cent of consumers prefer that brands make their content appear as stories. And how do you tell a story properly? By engaging your audience with visuals. Sixty-five percent of people remember details more if visuals accompany them. Moreover, visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared than content with only text.

Being a creative or a brand owner comes with the responsibility of seeking newer ways to make your business flourish. One of those prominent ways is the proper deployment of images. Below, we walk you through further reasons why imagery is a necessity.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Imagery in Your Business

  • A survey by eMarketer showed that brands’ Facebook posts with images got 87 percent of total engagements.
  • Another survey by Buffer revealed that tweets accompanied by images got 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more likes, and 150 percent more retweets than those without images.
  • Sixty-five percent of people learn visually, according to TapSnap.
  • A report from Skyword says digital content with pictures earns up to 94 percent more views than their plain-text counterparts.
  • Sixty percent of consumers say that they are more likely to regard local search results that contain images, and another 23 percent are more likely to consider businesses that display images.
  • According to Hubspot, 65 percent of email users prefer emails containing images, while 35 percent want their emails to contain only text.
  • A study says posts on Google+ with images are three times more likely to be reshaped than those without images.
  • According to a report, consumers process images almost 60,000 times faster than text.

The above statistics prove beyond reasonable doubt that images are important to the growth of a business. However, business owners and creatives face hurdles, such as generation or design resources, design processes, and proper image use.

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Source: Heidi Cohen

In seeking newer ways to ensure consumer satisfaction, they are required to wield a level of material and mental effort that can sometimes be insurmountable. The primary objective of the emergence of text-to-image AI generators is to help business owners tackle these challenges.

What is Text to Image AI and Why is it Important?

A text-to-image AI generator allows textual description input, synthesizes the parts of this input with corresponding images using deep learning, and produces an image matching the original input text.

With text-to-image, you need not worry about any previously mentioned challenges. All you are required to bring to the table is what you intend to create, put it into words, and watch the text-to-image AI tool generate your image for you in seconds.

Who Can Use Text to Image AI Generators?

The good news is that this technology hardly discriminates. You can utilize it in any business that requires the passage of information from marketer to consumer. The following is a comprehensive list of professionals who use text-to-image AI generators and their applications in their fields.

  1. Illustrators and concept artists – text-to-image can come in handy in the ideation process of creating concept art without having to go through the rigorous method of manually visualizing your ideas.
  2. Animators and cartoon artists – most text-to-image tools come with a deluge of cartoon characters at your disposal. Not only can you generate your animation stories and design your comic books, but you can also fashion your comic model sheets.
  3. Bloggers and web content writers – as a blogger, this technology provides you with the opportunity to optimize your words. Besides the fact that some messages are better expressed as images than text, using images, as proven by some of the previously discussed statistics, will improve your readership.
  4. Brand designers – every brand has a unique identity. By simply submitting the words that set your brand apart from the rest, text-to-image AI helps you visualize your text and produce unique identifiers such as logos, flags, icons, billboard commercials, etc.
  5. Stock and product photographers – another amazing quality of the text-to-image is the vastness. It contains an unlimited supply of options and ideas you can synthesize to create something distinguished. You can take advantage of this as a photographer and conjure an image that can be licensed in the stock and product photography market.
  6. Architects and interior designers – architectural and interior designs usually never come fully formed. They pass through visualization stages, where suggestions are made and erased. Text-to-image provides the perfect avenue to test your concepts and allows as much trial and error grace as possible.
  7. Marketers and corporate teams – you and your team can utilize it during brainstorming sessions and enhance the appeal of emails that flow within and outside your institution or business.
  8. Publishers – whether traditional or self, text-to-image AI simplifies the production of literary needs such as book covers, children’s books, cookbooks, etc.
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Why Use Text to Image AI Generators?

TTI gives you plenty of benefits as a digital business owner:

You do not have to be an expert.

Perhaps you have wondered if you require top-level graphic design skills to masterfully utilize text-to-image AI generators. Do not. The truth is you do not require any design skills to use the technology. The only human intervention is the text that you input. Imagine coming up with the same design concept as skilled designers.

It is affordable.

Most text-to-image AI tools are free to use. Some offer limited free services, while others offer free limited services—which are typically sufficient for basic applications. In the latter two cases, you have to pay a fee to upgrade your access, and for the most part, the prices across multiple tools are affordable, considering the value being offered.

It helps you save effort and time.

Unlike the conventional design process, where you spend hours trying to create and perfect your concept, text-to-image AI saves you all the time and effort you would have otherwise invested in manual design. Its speed, coupled with its user-friendliness, provides top-level efficiency.

You generate high-quality images.

Another upside to deploying text-to-image AI is the product quality. Not just that, the images you generate are flexible or adaptive—they can be resized and edited without compromising their quality.

No copyright restrictions.

Images from text-to-image AI generators are assumed to be unique and, therefore, subject to all commercial and social purposes, including selling, branding, and recreation.

You save extra personnel costs.

With you as the heart and soul of your design, hiring a designer no longer comes as a necessity. As a result, you keep the money you would have otherwise spent hiring the designer.

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How to Properly Generate Images from Text

The following is a step-by-step algorithm for creating your first image from text and improving your business.

Step One: Identify and understand your preferred text-to-image AI generation tools.

How do you do this? Explore the many options available and decide the one that works best for you. Below is a list of the 7 most popular tools:

  1. Dall-E
  2. Starry AI
  3. Imagen
  4. Stable Diffusion
  5. Parti
  6. Midjourney
  7. Synthesys AI Studio

While exploring your options, properties that you should consider most include image quality, whether it’s free or paid, the premium subscription fee, user-friendliness, etc.

Step Two: Enter your textual description.

Most tools make their textboxes readily visible to facilitate easy navigation for their consumers. Enter your idea into the textbox that you can find and choose your preferred use scenario—is it animation, photo, CGI, or Dark Fantasies?

Step Three: Generate your image.

Wait several seconds for your images to render, download them, and use them as you wish.

Final Thoughts

According to Forbes, so much venture capital will make its way into this technology. The benefits and applications of text-to-image AI have been discussed. Now, you need to be well-positioned for the coming boom.

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