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How to Set Up a Video Chatbot in Five Simple Steps

by Oliver Goodwin | January 30, 2023

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Sometimes, when you visit certain websites or log on to an app, you come across a feature that prompts you to begin a chat. This feature allows a seamless conversation between you and the other party. This party provides the answers to your questions and solutions to your complaints.

But the other party is only an Artificial Intelligence bot trained in different conversational workflows, and this feature is called a chatbot. A chatbot is preprogrammed with the likeliest prompts from the user and the appropriate responses to them. These prompts could be either text from the user or buttons that the user clicks (as in text chatbots) or voice (as in voice chatbots such as Apple’s Siri).

The whole point of a chatbot is to better understand your audience, provide their necessities in your absence, and improve their overall user experience. And you know what? You can incorporate it into your platform.

Or even better, you can create a chatbot your audience can talk to and see—a video chatbot.

So, what exactly is a video chatbot?

Why do you need to set up one?

How do you set up one?

Read on to find the answers to your questions.

What is a Video Chatbot

What is a Video Chatbot?

Imagine the traditional text chatbot, but this time in video form. In this case, you can see the party responding to you.

A video chatbot is an AI program that uses interactive videos to interact with users. It is usually automated using natural language processing and text-to-video technology, unlike voice chatbots that use text-to-speech technology.

You can interact with a video chatbot using several prompts, which include text, buttons, and voice. By triggering a response using the available prompts, the chatbot scans its catalog of appropriate responses and provides the one assigned to the triggering keyword(s).

5 Reasons Why You Need To Set Up a Video Chatbot?

Incorporating a chatbot into your business generally comes with numerous benefits. However, using a video chatbot takes it further. Below, we highlight the advantages of setting up one:

  1. Be present without being physically present: being a business owner is a hectic job. There are many activities to get done and many customers or just website visitors that require your attention. Setting up a video chatbot to address your customers’ concerns is akin to you being present with them while getting other things done. This, in effect, drives productivity.
  2. Cut customer support costs: according to IBM, businesses average $1.3 billion annually on customer support costs. However, with chatbots, this cost can be reduced by 30%.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction: customers averaged 5 min 16 secs on queue in 2022. This is liable to leave customers dissatisfied with your services. It is believed that chatbots are capable of shortening this waiting time significantly.
  4. Take advantage of customers’ preference: a survey by Outgrow reveals that 56% of customers would rather engage a chatbot than a customer service call. This market allegiance is one you can exploit by setting up a video chatbot.
  5. Generate high returns with little investment: with a video chatbot, you are likely to increase your ROI compared to traditional customer service. 57% of business executives testify that chatbots return a considerable amount of ROI with minimal effort.

How To Set Up a Video Chatbot with Synthesys

Chatbots may be seen as complex technology, but they are not. Setting up one is as easy as possible if you use our AI video generator.

We have laid the groundwork for an effortless video chatbot setup. If you want to leverage all the benefits highlighted above and wish to begin your video chatbot journey, you have come to the right place.

To create your first video chatbot with us, follow the guidelines below.

Step One—Create your account.

Creating your account requires you to select a plan. Our subscription plans are split into monthly and annual. Select your preferred plan.

Step Two—Select your avatar.

There are 74 options to choose from. Explore the variety of chatbot representatives available, and choose the one that appeals to you.

Select your avatar Synthesys AI Studio

Step Three—Position your avatar and select your background.

This is one of the most crucial steps that you must take. Knowing where to place your avatar plays a huge role in maintaining user-friendliness. Also, your choice of background matters.

A general rule of thumb is to place your avatar at the center of your video chatbot and choose a contrasting background for it.

Select Avatar and background Synthesys AI Studio

Step Four—Create your prompt slides.

This step is the heartbeat of your video chatbot. What gives a video chatbot its identity is a string of slides. For each prompt that your user enters or clicks, they are taken to a slide that addresses that prompt.

Your first assignment is to decide the probable chatbot flow, including trigger words, texts, and responses your user might input. Then, create a slide for each input.

For instance, in your library of prompts, you can include “Hi. Please tell me the services that you offer.” An accompanying video slide details your brand’s services.

To create a slide, simply click on “Add new slide”, enter into the textbox the script you want your avatar to say, and choose your AI voice from our library of 300 styles. You can also choose your language from our catalog of 70 languages.

Adjust your video speed, and click “PLAY SCRIPT” to test for accuracy.

Prompt slide Synthesys AI Studio

Step Five—Create your video.

Upon adding all the necessary slides and ensuring accuracy in your videos, give a title to your video in the field provided. Then, click “CREATE VIDEO” and wait for your video to render.

Your video chatbot is ready for usage.

Create Video Synthesys AI Studio

In Summary

Video chatbots are considered the next boom in customer service. Between 2020 and 2021, a 43% rise in chatbot usage was recorded worldwide.

Besides the growing market potential, chatbots, particularly video chatbots, come with many advantages waiting to be explored by you.

You need the right tool and environment to set up your video chatbot. This is where we come in to help. With our AI technology powered video generator, you can easily create your video chatbot without wasting time. Follow the guidelines above, and you are good to go.

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