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Language RequirementsSupported Input/Output: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English (British), English (American), Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian, Chinese (Simplified).

Video Requirements1. Please refrain from using background music and excessive noise, as they may negatively affect the audio output quality.
2. Ensure that the resolution falls within the range of 360x360 to 4096x4096.
3. Keep the video duration within the range of 15 seconds and 5 mins.

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What Is AI Dubbing?

AI dubbing transforms video content effortlessly. Using advanced AI technology, it replaces traditional dubbing methods, eradicating language barriers and making content accessible to a broader audience.

Unlike the time-consuming processes of human-dependent dubbing tools, Synthesys Studio's dubbing tool swiftly generates high-quality dubbing, revolutionizing the dubbing process.

Meet Synthesys Studio—Your AI Companion for Perfect Video Dubbing

Think of Synthesy Studio as an AI cook that prepares any meal you want while also being consistent with the changes in the environment. Why is this so? Explore some of its features:

Scalability Perfection:

From small-scale projects to blockbuster productions, Synthesys Studio adapts like a chameleon. No HR constraints or rigid schedules—just pure scalability magic.

Language Liberation:

Break linguistic barriers and talk to the world. Translate and dub effortlessly in various languages, making your content global without the fuss of traditional methods.

Real-Time Advantage:

No more waiting around. Synthesys Studio brings you real-time AI dubbing, allowing instant tweaks for that perfect cinematic touch. It is dubbing on the fly.

A Carnival of Voices:

With 300 voices in 29 languages, Synthesys Studio is your voice buffet. Wave goodbye to the limits of human actors—customize your project with a variety that is pure audio delight.

How To Use Synthesys AI Dubbing Tool for Your Videos

Dubbing your videos with Synthesys Studio is lightwork. This is something you could do while lying down if you follow these simple guidelines:

Step 1

Create a Synthesys Account and Sign In

You can either utilize your unlimited free trials or purchase a plan to unlock more powerful features. Head on to our pricing section and begin your AI dubbing journey.

Step 2

Begin a Video Project

Begin a video project as a guest or as a registered user.

Step 3

Upload Your Video

Quick tips
Quick tips to guide you on your video upload:
  • Minimize the noise and the use of background music in your videos (or don’t use it at all).
  • Limit your video resolutions to between 360x360 and 4096x4096.
  • Keep your video duration between fifteen seconds and five minutes and at most 500MB in size.

Synthesys AI dubbing studio allows you to either upload a video from your device or share from platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo. It also allows you to enter the URL where the video is located. In any event that your video lacks a face, Synthesys gives you the option to choose from the four actors available.

Step 4

Choose a Translation Type

Quick tips
Here’s a checklist to help you achieve better lip-syncing:
  • No more than one participant in the video.
  • No rapid head movements.
  • No glasses.
  • No side-face.
  • No close-ups.
  • The face must be in all frames.

There are two translation types: lip-syncing translation and audio-only translation. The audio-only translation is suitable for videos with no subject or face. Selecting the lip-syncing translation ensures an accurate correlation between your actor and the new language you intend to translate to.

Step 5

Generate and Download

Click the “Generate” button, and wait for about five minutes or less for your video to render. Once your rendering is complete, download your dubbed video to your device.

Where Can the Synthesys AI Dubbing Tool Be Used?

Synthesys Studio AI dubbing tool is not just a tool; it is your passport to global impact. Check out where it shines:

Way 1

Global Marketing Campaigns:

Localise promotional material with Synthesys AI dubbing, ensuring a consistent and engaging message across diverse language markets.Break down linguistic barriers for international audiences while maintaining the authenticity of your brand voice.

Way 2

E-Learning Platforms:

Enhance educational content with Synthesys Studio's real-time AI dubbing, creating a dynamic and multilingual learning experience. Overcome traditional hurdles related to lengthy production schedules, making educational videos more accessible and impactful.

Way 3

Social Media Content:

Amplify your social media reach by swiftly dubbing content in various languages, capturing the attention of a broader audience.Synthesys Studio's variety of voices and quick dubbing process ensures content is not lost in translation, making your message resonate globally.

Way 4

Human Resource Training:

Improve HR training videos by utilizing Synthesys Studio's scalable AI dubbing. Address language barriers efficiently, allowing companies to provide consistent and clear training material to a diverse workforce, saving time and resources.

Way 5

Audio Descriptions for Accessibility:

Synthesys Studio transforms content into an inclusive experience by providing audio descriptions in multiple languages.Overcome barriers to videos for individuals with visual impairments, creating a more accessible and inclusive digital environment.

Way 6

Real-Time Dubbing for Live Events:

Elevate live events by incorporating real - time AI dubbing, ensuring accurate and instantaneous translation for a global audience.Synthesys Studio's advanced technology enables event organizers to break free from the constraints of traditional dubbing methods.

Way 7

Translation of Promotional Videos:

Expand the reach of promotional videos by effortlessly translating and dubbing content into a variety of languages.Synthesys Studio's cost-effective and efficient approach enables businesses to connect with larger audiences without compromising on quality.

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What's the magic behind AI Dubbing?

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AI Dubbing transforms video content seamlessly using advanced AI technology, replacing traditional methods. It eradicates language barriers and makes content accessible to a broader audience.

Where can I apply AI Dubbing?

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AI Dubbing is versatile, fitting into global marketing campaigns, e-learning platforms, social media content, human resource training, audio descriptions for accessibility, real-time dubbing for live events, and translation of promotional videos.

Why choose Synthesys Studio for AI Dubbing?

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Synthesys Studio offers scalability, content accessibility, real-time AI dubbing, and a variety of voices, making it cost-effective and efficient for translating promotional videos and reaching diverse audiences.

Is Synthesys Studio suitable for personal projects?

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Absolutely! Synthesys Studio caters to both business and personal projects, providing a versatile and accessible tool for everyone.

How fast can I create AI Dubbing with Synthesys Studio?

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Synthesys Studio guarantees swift AI dubbing, producing videos in under five minutes with precise accuracy and synchronisation.

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