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Reach Any Audience and Expand Globally with Synthesys Multilingual Translation Power

Unlock global reach with Synthesys multilingual translation capacity. Speak your audiences’ exact languages with accurate fluency in just a few clicks.

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Multilingual Translation Without Hiring a Translator

Imagine you are a global entrepreneur, trying to communicate with people from all walks of life. However, language barriers make conversations difficult and expensive with traditional translation services. Our tool breaks down those barriers. With lightning-fast rendering and support for over 140 languages, you can speak to anyone, anywhere, in their native language. You also get the option to clone your voice for consistency.

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Why Use Synthesys AI Studio’s Multilingual Translation?

Synthesys Studio’s multilingual translation tool helps you unlock global communication and diversify your audience. Here are the key reasons why you should choose us:

Vast Language Support

Reach audiences worldwide effortlessly! Synthesys supports over 140 languages, ensuring your message speaks to everyone.

Hyperrealistic Voices and Voice Cloning

Personalise your translations with our range of 370+ hyperrealistic voices. Want consistency? Use our voice cloning feature, and your message will sound authentic in every language.

Fast and Efficient Rendering

Need it quick? No problem! Synthesys delivers high-quality MP3 audio files or videos in less than five minutes. You will never miss a deadline again!

User-Friendly and Affordable

It's easy-peasy! Our intuitive interface makes translation a breeze. Plus, with affordable pricing and unlimited trials with our demo account, anyone can break language barriers and expand their reach with Synthesys Studio.

How To Use Our Multilingual Translation Tool

Using Synthesys Studio for your multilingual translation is super easy and efficient. Follow these six simple steps to transform your content and connect with a global audience with ease:

Step 1

Log In or Use the Demo

Start by logging into your Synthesys Studio account or use the unlimited demo version. 

Step 2

Enter Your Script

Upload your script directly or input it manually. For videos, Synthesys Studio ensures accurate lip-syncing, so the character's lips match the translated language perfectly.

Step 3

Select Your Language

Choose from over 140 languages for translation. Whether it’s the English language or any other native language, Synthesys has you covered.

Step 4

Choose Your Voice

Select a hyperrealistic human voice for the voiceover, or use the voice cloning feature to make sure the translations sound exactly like you. 

Step 5

Render Your Audio

Sit back and relax as Synthesys Studio renders your audio or video in less than five minutes, delivering high-quality audio files ready for download in MP3 format.

Step 6

Download Your File

Download the final product in your preferred format, whether it's an MP3 audio file or a video. Enjoy smooth, effortless communication with your audience, breaking language barriers effortlessly.

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How does Synthesys AI Studio’s multilingual translation tool work?

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Synthesys AI Studio’s multilingual translation tool leverages advanced speech technology and artificial intelligence to convert your audio scripts into multiple languages. Start by logging into your account or using the unlimited demo version. You can upload your script in various formats, such as MP3 files or text. Select from over 140 languages and choose a hyperrealistic human voice from our wide range of voices, including human-like and female voices. For consistency, you can even use our voice cloning feature. The tool then renders your translation in less than five minutes, delivering high-quality MP3 audio files ready for download. With Synthesys, you can break language barriers effortlessly.

Can I use Synthesys AI Studio for both audio and video translations?

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Absolutely! Synthesys AI Studio’s multilingual translation tool is versatile, supporting both audio and video translations. When working with video content, Synthesys ensures accurate lip-syncing so that the character's lips match the translated language perfectly. This is crucial for creating natural, high-quality videos. You can select from our range of hyperrealistic voices or use the voice cloning feature for consistency. The tool supports various file formats, including MP3 audio files and video formats, making it suitable for e-learning material, online courses, and commercial purposes. With Synthesys, you can create smooth translations for any type of content.

How affordable is Synthesys AI Studio compared to hiring professional translators?

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Synthesys AI Studio offers a cost-effective solution for multilingual translation. While hiring professional translators can be expensive and time-consuming, Synthesys provides an affordable alternative. The premium plan starts at just $495 annually, and we offer a demo account with unlimited trials. This makes it one of the least expensive options available. Despite its affordability, Synthesys does not compromise on quality. Our advanced speech technology and AI-powered voices deliver high-quality, natural-sounding audio files in multiple languages. Whether for commercial purposes or personal projects, Synthesys offers an efficient, budget-friendly solution.

What makes Synthesys AI Studio’s voices so realistic?

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Synthesys AI Studio uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and speech technology to create hyperrealistic human voices. Our voice generator offers a wide range of natural voices, including female voices and human-like voices that sound incredibly authentic. The advanced voice cloning feature ensures that your translations maintain consistency and sound just like you. Synthesys also supports various speaking rates and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect voice for your needs. Whether you're creating audio content, e-learning material, or commercial voiceovers, our realistic AI voices provide a professional touch that stands out.

How fast can I get my translations with Synthesys AI Studio?

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With Synthesys AI Studio, speed is one of our key advantages. Our multilingual translation tool can render high-quality translations in less than five minutes. Whether you're working with MP3 audio files or video content, Synthesys delivers results quickly without compromising on quality. This fast turnaround is ideal for tight deadlines and urgent projects. You can choose from over 140 languages and select hyperrealistic voices to ensure your content is engaging and authentic. By using Synthesys, you can save time and resources while achieving professional, high-quality translations effortlessly.

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