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Create unlimited characters by merging any face with any actor like it’s nothing. Upload the face, and Synthesys Faceswap will deliver flawless character transformations in x clicks at no cost.

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Faceswap Lets You Create Whomever, Wherever, and Whenever

Synthesys Studio's Faceswap tool gives a new meaning to content creation. How does it work? When you upload a source image and select a target face image, our advanced AI algorithms perfectly blend facial features for realistic face swaps. In less than five minutes, transform family photos, redefine historical figures, and create personalised characters.

With a completely mobile-friendly interface that delivers high-quality results, experience multi-face swapping that also ensures privacy and security.

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Why Use Synthesys AI Studio’s Faceswap?

Synthesys offers unparalleled flexibility and quality, enabling you to easily create amazing and funny face swaps. Zoom in to peek into what makes us special:


Save thousands with our affordable plans, costing just $495 annually. Swap faces without breaking a sweat and avoid expensive hiring and studio fees.


With Synthesys, your AI-generated face swap is ready in under five minutes. Streamline your workflow and meet tight deadlines with ease.

Wide Range of Avatars

Access 88 distinct avatars for endless creative possibilities. Swap faces onto avatars suitable for any scenario, from office settings to market scenes and casual environments.

Realistic Face Swaps

Transform images easily with our AI-driven technology. Experience high-quality results and ensure consistency across your content.

Example of a Faceswap

Curious about Faceswap? Explore our informative video for a step-by-step walkthrough of this fascinating technology and its functionality.

How To Use Our Faceswap Feature

Ready to launch your experience as a faceswapper with Synthesys? Fantastic! Follow these straightforward steps to unlock your creative potential and bring your ideas to life:

Step 1

Log in to your Synthesys account and create a new project

You can do this by selecting the “AI Humans “text-to-video” option.

Step 2

Choose a template

You can use the blank template or pick from our collection of 29 diverse options, perfectly suited for any scenario.

Step 3

Choose a humatar

Our library of 88 unique characters is like the wind of freedom. It offers an unbound creative license into a god-like state where you have the clay and can mould anything.

Step 4

Upload your source image

This is the image whose face you want to blend into the humatar you have selected.

Step 5

Apply the image you have uploaded to your preselected humatar

Wait a few seconds for your Faceswap transformation to render, and voila! You have your new humatar exactly the way you dreamed of it.

Step 6

Save your project

From here on, you decide what to do with your new Faceswap result. Do you want to download the humatar? Or create a hyper-realistic video with it?

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How secure is the Synthesys Faceswap feature?

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Synthesys prioritises user data security, employing advanced encryption methods and strict data protection regulations. Your privacy and security are paramount in every Faceswap transformation. Our platform undergoes regular security audits to ensure compliance with industry standards, providing users with peace of mind when using our Faceswap feature.

Rest assured, we continuously strive to enhance our security measures to safeguard your data effectively and maintain your trust. Synthesys employs state-of-the-art security protocols to protect your information and ensure a secure and reliable Faceswap experience.

Are there any legal concerns with using Synthesys Faceswap?

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Synthesys operates within legal boundaries, requiring users to adhere to our terms of service and obtain proper permissions for images used in Faceswap. We emphasise respecting copyright and privacy rights. Our legal team monitors changes in regulations and updates our policies accordingly to ensure users remain informed and compliant.

You can trust Synthesys to uphold legal standards and protect your rights throughout your Faceswap journey. Our legal experts are dedicated to ensuring that Synthesys Faceswap remains compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, providing users with a legally sound platform for their creative endeavours.

What advantages does Synthesys offer over other Faceswap tools?

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Synthesys boasts a user-friendly interface, high-quality results, and an extensive library of 88 unique humatars. Our AI-driven technology ensures realistic face swaps with minimal processing time.

Additionally, Synthesys offers smooth integration with various image types, including family photos, historical figures, and multi-face swapping scenarios, providing users with unparalleled creative freedom and versatility. Experience the convenience and reliability of Synthesys for all your Faceswap needs. With Synthesys, you can enjoy a faultless Faceswap experience, complete with advanced features and robust capabilities unmatched by other Faceswap tools.

Can I use Synthesys Faceswap for commercial purposes?

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Yes, Synthesys Faceswap is suitable for personal and commercial use. Users must comply with relevant regulations and obtain necessary permissions for commercial projects. Synthesys offers flexible licensing options to accommodate commercial usage, providing businesses with the tools they need to create compelling marketing campaigns, advertisements, and promotional materials. Elevate your brand with Synthesys Faceswap and unlock endless possibilities for commercial success. Synthesys offers commercial licensing options, allowing businesses to leverage the power of Faceswap for their marketing and branding needs with full legal compliance and support.

How does Synthesys ensure high-quality results in Faceswap?

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Synthesys utilises advanced AI algorithms to analyse facial features, lighting conditions, and expressions, ensuring realistic and high-quality face swaps. Our extensive library of humatars and stylised-presets allows users to achieve professional-grade results effortlessly. Additionally, Synthesys prioritises user experience, offering a mobile-friendly interface and user-friendly configuration options.

With Synthesys Faceswap, users can expect consistent, high-quality results across different scenarios, empowering them to bring their creative visions to life with ease. Synthesys leverages cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to deliver superior Faceswap results, setting the standard for quality and performance in the industry.

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