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Text-to-speech that sounds like you, AI avatars that look like you—all in one tool

Creating lifelike AI voices from text is cool; generating AI talking avatars for your videos with only a few clicks is even better. Combining both becomes a superpower, and Synthesys Studio gives you just that. Here, you say goodbye to monotony as our lifelike avatars bring your written words to life with precision, offering over 300 voices and 140 languages for endless possibilities. Craft professional-grade videos easily and save time and money with our cost-effective plans, ensuring every message hits the mark with uniformity and precision.

Experience unparalleled post-production flexibility, allowing you to tweak and refine your content without disruption. Whether you are a creator of marketing ads or an educator, join the ranks of satisfied creators who have harnessed the power of Synthesys Studio today. Sign up for unlimited free trials and discover the ease and versatility of our AI-powered text-to-speech avatars.

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Why Use Synthesys AI Studio’s Text-to-Speech Avatars?

Knowing the perfect tool to use for your endeavours is key to your growth, and you have come to the right place to generate video avatars. Here are the key features that make us the best bet for you:

Endless Voice Options

Our extensive collection of 370 voices and 140 languages helps you craft bespoke avatars that perfectly represent your brand's personality. From professional voiceovers to lifelike neural voices, Synthesys Studio ensures your message resonates authentically with your audience, enhancing engagement across diverse platforms and industries.

Efficiency Redefined

Bid farewell to cumbersome production processes and sky-high costs. With Synthesys Studio's affordable plans starting at just $495 annually, you save a fortune compared to traditional methods. Plus, our AI-driven technology delivers lifelike avatars in five minutes, streamlining your content creation process and maximising productivity.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Enjoy unparalleled post-production flexibility with Synthesys Studio's advanced features. Edit and refine your videos without roadblocks, from tweaking scripts to adjusting AI characters and backgrounds. With Synthesys Studio, your content remains dynamic and adaptable, ensuring it stays relevant and impactful in an ever-changing landscape.

Consistency and Quality Assurance

Guarantee uniformity and professionalism across all your video content with Synthesys Studio's unwavering commitment to quality. Our avatars offer crystal-clear 1080p resolution and deliver consistent performances, eliminating variations and human errors.

Meet Our Text-to-Speech Avatars

Explore our vast collection of text-to-speech avatar options. Fun fact: our avatars are inclusive of multiple age brackets, genders, accents, speaking styles, and races. Plus, our library is continually updated to include as many underrepresented categories as possible.

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How To Use Our Text-to-Speech Avatar Maker

Creating your text-to-speech avatars is a breeze with Synthesys, where perfection meets simplicity. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1

Prepare your video script

Quick tips
  • Highlight unique pronunciations for the text-to-speech avatar generator.
  • Keep your sentences concise.
  • Spell out dates, abbreviations, and special characters.

Craft your script for your marketing videos and training videos with care. Ensure it captures the nuances of language. Rest assured, Synthesys Studio’s text-to-speech avatar maker handles diverse language textures effortlessly.

Step 2

Select your avatar

Explore our diverse selection of 29 video templates and 84 prebuilt avatars, perfectly suited for any scenario.

Step 3

Enter your script

Use the text field to paste or type your script. For maximum flexibility in your content creation process, Synthesys allows audio recording and uploading of a PDF version of your script.

Step 4

Adjust your video and audio properties

Quick tips
Choose from a plethora of features, including:
  • 370 natural-sounding prebuilt voices
  • Two genders
  • Three age groups
  • 12 unique moods
  • Nine distinct use cases
  • 140+ languages

Fine-tune your video with our advanced speech technology. Customise voice characteristics such as pitch, speed, background, soundtracks, pauses, transitions, and tone to achieve lifelike AI-generated avatars.

Step 5

Save your video and download

Preview your video and, for longer video content, split your script into smaller segments for smoother rendering. Save, name, and create your video. In just five minutes, it is ready for download.

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Want To Taste Something Beyond Our Lifelike AI Text-to-Speech Avatars? Create Your Custom Avatar

Indeed, photorealistic human avatars are impressive, but why settle for just that? Picture having a digital twin, a doppelganger of yourself, managing your engagements with aplomb while you focus on other tasks. Sounds like magic?

Well, at Synthesys Studio, magic is the emblem on our flag. With our voice cloning and custom avatar tools, you can create a digital replica that mirrors your appearance, voice, and mannerisms precisely. Craft compelling voiceovers, explainer videos, and social media ads without studio visits or expensive tools. No technical expertise is required. Just bring your script and unlock untold possibilities.

Eager to try it? You can begin cloning your voice and building your custom avatar now for free!

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Need Help with Our Text-to-Speech Avatars?

If your answer isn't found here, email support@synthesys.io for additional support

How can I create lifelike AI avatars with my voice?

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Our platform offers advanced voice cloning technology that allows you to create custom avatars with your voice. Simply record a video of yourself alongside a voice recording and let our AI Avatar tool do the rest.

What customisation options are available for my digital avatar?

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You have complete control over the appearance and behaviour of your digital avatar. Choose from a variety of prebuilt avatars and customise them to match your unique style and personality.

Can I use my custom avatar for marketing and training videos?

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Absolutely! Our custom avatars are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including marketing ads, training videos, and educational content.

How do I ensure consistency and quality across my video content?

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Our platform ensures consistency and quality across all your video content with features like real-time editing, professional voiceovers, and stunning video templates.

What sets our video creation tool apart from others?

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Our video creation tool offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to create professional-grade videos in minutes. With features like head movements and natural-sounding voices, your videos will captivate audiences effortlessly.

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