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Generate Hyper-Realistic Female Voices in Just a Few Clicks

Do you want to create lifelike female voices impossible to disguise from real human voices? At Synthesys AI Studio, we’ve got you covered! Use our female text-to-speech and forget paying diva voice actors and recording studios. Get great results in just a few clicks.

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Generate voices instantly from text with Synthesys AI Studio’s Online Female Voice Generator

Create professional quality female voiceovers for podcasts, training videos, eLearning materials, or any other audio content in a few clicks.

Synthesys AI Studio was designed with the easiness of the end user in mind, so we made it ridiculously easy to create a female voiceover. Just sign in for a free account, choose your voice actor, input your script, and you are good to go.

Female Voice Generator features

Over 30 Female Voice Actors at Your Fingertips

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We have an extensive variety of voices in more than 140 languages that can be used in any project type. From funny and playful to professional, we have any kind of female voice you will ever need.

Remarkably Realistic Voices

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What sets us apart from our competitors is our lifelike voices that are indistinguishable from human ones. We use advanced AI technology trained on huge datasets of female voice actors in order to be able to capture the essence of authenticity, making your voiceovers sound completely natural and not robotic.

Female Voiceover Creation in Just a Few Clicks

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You don't need a Master's degree in tech or AI in order to use our platform efficiently, not even creating an account. All you have to do is to click on the «Try for free» button, and when you land in our app, select the female voice you like, paste your voiceover script, and click the play button!

Powerful. Flexible. Ridiculously easy to use

Turning any text into the kind of elite natural-sounding speech your brand deserves is as simple as clicking a button with Synthesys AI voice generator.

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Podcasts, Product Demos, eLearning? You Name it!

Our AI female voices will help you create audio content for any use case!


Forget expensive podcast equipment and countless hours of recording to get the perfect result. Use Synthesys AI Studio’s engaging female voiceover for your podcasts that are crafted for clarity and impact and bring your content to life

Training Videos

Let's be honest! Training videos, most of the time, are dull and boring. Use Synthesys AI Studio’s female voices with emotion and pass your company’s values to your employees without boring them to death.


Synthesys AI Studio offers engaging and consistent eLearning modules with our high-quality female voices. Save time on endless recording and focus on what truly matters – growing your business!

Video Games

Creating a video game is very complicated, so why not make the voiceover process a bit simpler? Just choose a voice you like from our platform and make your life easier!

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos should have a friendly and engaging tone! With our platform, you can be sure that even the most complicated concepts will be explained with the perfect voice.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants should be pleasant and offer users a seamless interaction. Use one of our professional female voices and help your users discover the value of your product.

Interactive Voice Response

Deliver a positive IVR experience with one of our peaceful voices that will help your callers and help them achieve their goals!

Corporate Videos

Create multilingual corporate voiceover videos with one of our professional female voices. Whether you want it for internal or external messaging, our human-like voices got you covered!

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The modern world is more connected than ever, and being understood has never been more important

That's why Synthesys AI Voice Generator offers hyper-realistic synthetic AI-generated voices in more than 140 languages.

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What is the best AI female voice generator?

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Synthesys AI Studio is one of the best AI female voice generators on the market. This is because we have some of the most realistic voices, and our platform is very easy to use.

How Do Female AI Voice Generators Work?

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Female AI Voice Generators use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and get trained in huge datasets of real human voices. This training process makes AI voice generators capable of not only generating a voice from a text but also using the right speech patterns and phonemes, so the end result is super realistic.

Why Should I Use A female AI Voice Generator Instead Of Hiring Voice Artists?

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Some of the biggest advantages of using a female AI voice generator instead of hiring voice artists include saving both time and money. As you probably know, the process of recording a voiceover with a voice artist is a long process that requires a substantial amount of money on fees and recording studio booking. Some of the not-so-obvious advantages are scalability and consistency, as you can generate as many hours of voiceovers as you want and have the same consistent result.

Why Choose Synthesys AI Studio?

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Synthesys AI studio has many female voices in more than 140 languages. But what truly sets us apart is not the variety and quality of our voices but the easiness of use of our platform. Forget difficult-to-use and complex processes. All you have to do is choose a voice, add your voiceover script, click play to render it, and your audio file will be ready. All you have to do then is download it and use it.

Can I Try Synthesys Studio AI Voice Generator For Free?

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Yes, you can! Not only can you use it for free, but you don’t even need to create a free account. All you have to do is to click the “Try for Free” button, and you will be landed inside our app to test it for free.

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