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Speak to your customers in their own language with Synthesys AI Studio

Synthesys AI Studio offers an enormous range of carefully chosen, highly refined AI voices in a huge variety of languages for you to choose from.

Add a distinctly human touch to your brand

With 300+of ultra-realistic voices covering 140+ languages and accents, Synthesys AI Studio gives you more choice than ever before over how you represent your business in AI-generated video and voice content.

Flag of Egypt

Arabic (Egypt)

Flag of Saudi Arabia

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Flag of Jordan

Arabic (Jordan)

Flag of Kuwait

Arabic (Kuwait)

Flag of Lebanon

Arabic (Lebanon)

Flag of Libya

Arabic (Libya)

Flag of Bahrain

Arabic (Bahrain)

Flag of Iraq

Arabic (Iraq)

Flag of Morocco

Arabic (Morocco)

Flag of Oman

Arabic (Oman)

Flag of Qatar

Arabic (Qatar)

Flag of Syria

Arabic (Syria)

Flag of Tunisia

Arabic (Tunisia)

Flag of Yemen

Arabic (Yemen)

Flag of Cantonese, Simplified

Chinese (Cantonese, Simplified)

Flag of Mandarin, Simplified

Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified)

Flag of Taiwanese Mandarin, Traditional

Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin, Traditional)

Flag of Cantonese, Traditional

Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional)

Flag of Zhongyuan Mandarin Henan, Simplified

Chinese (Zhongyuan Mandarin Henan, Simplified)

Flag of Northeastern Mandarin, Simplified

Chinese (Northeastern Mandarin, Simplified)

Flag of Zhongyuan Mandarin Shaanxi, Simplified

Chinese (Zhongyuan Mandarin Shaanxi, Simplified)

Flag of Jilu Mandarin, Simplified

Chinese (Jilu Mandarin, Simplified)

Flag of Southwestern Mandarin, Simplified

Chinese (Southwestern Mandarin, Simplified)

Flag of Spain

Catalan (Spain)

Flag of Cuba

Spanish (Cuba)

Flag of Chile

Spanish (Chile)

Flag of Argentina

Spanish (Argentina)

Flag of Bolivia

Spanish (Bolivia)

Flag of United States

Spanish (United States)

Flag of Colombia

Spanish (Colombia)

Flag of Ecuador

Spanish (Ecuador)

Flag of Equatorial Guinea

Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)

Flag of Guatemala

Spanish (Guatemala)

Flag of Honduras

Spanish (Honduras)

Flag of Mexico

Spanish (Mexico)

Flag of Nicaragua

Spanish (Nicaragua)

Flag of Panama

Spanish (Panama)

Flag of Peru

Spanish (Peru)

Flag of Puerto Rico

Spanish (Puerto Rico)

Flag of Paraguay

Spanish (Paraguay)

Total 148 languages

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Do I need to worry about the voices sounding too artificial?

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Not with Synthesys AI Studio! Every single voice we offer was custom-built to be as realistic and natural-sounding as possible. With plenty of tweaking options available for additional personality and warmth, you’ll always be able to build the kind of strong human connection with your customers that your business deserves.

How do I know which voice to use?

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Depending on the use case you have in mind, you might be able to narrow down the list. For example, educational content for children is probably best served by a warm, encouraging female voice, whereas software demos or sales letters need a more direct approach. But the best way to figure out the perfect voice for your needs is by experimenting with several different ones and seeing how they work!

Do I need to be technical to use Synthesys AI Studio’s voices?

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Not at all! Our platform was designed from the ground up to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible, no matter how technically minded you may or may not be. Anybody can easily use our extensive range of AI voices in as many foreign languages as they need.

I don’t see my language on the list. Is it coming soon?

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If your own language isn’t currently in our 140+ strong list, don’t worry. We’re constantly expanding the range of languages we offer, so stay tuned and follow us for all the latest updates and improvements to the range of languages we offer.

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